Wednesday, February 08, 2012

| El Televisor

Been watching a lot of TV now that we're all sedentary n' shit. On the lookout for some new stuff on Netflix or whatever, actually. Here's some stuff I've been enjoying lately:

Party Down: Check this shit out, it's hilarious. A really good, crass example of the uncomfortable-comedy genre. Total rock star cast: the guy who plays Ben in Parks & Rec, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr from Freaks & Geeks and the girl who played Jason Seigel's girlfriend in the last ep of F&G, as failed actors who now have these shitty jobs as party caterers. It's pretty ludicrous. My favorite character is their manager, whose dream is to open a buffet restaurant franchise. I'd never seen the actor before but he just cracks me up to look at, his body language is great and he always has this kind of sweaty and desperate look.

Mad Men: One of those shows where I stayed away for a long time because of the hype and then just loved it. (See also: The Wire.) This show was so depressing in the first season that I almost quit watching it. I'm glad I stuck with it though. It lightens up a bit (although it's never exactly sunny) and is just totally gripping. There's this one incident involving a lawnmower that was insane.

Justified: Kind of a soothing show because it's always kind of the same rhythm. A given episode will spend most of the show following around these kooky characters and not much really happens. Then at some point in the episode, usually towards the end but not always, some unexpected, awesome, usually really violent shit goes down. And then the last three episodes of each season are just bananas. It's kind of a cheesy show that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Archer: Especially the first season (which is on Netflix). Just unbelievably crass and super funny. We were kind of bummed watching the second season because the writing wasn't as sharp (more crass, less funny), but then we hit a run of episodes that are as good as anything from the first season so I'm hopeful.

Puppy Bowl VIII: Did you guys check that shit out there were some amazing plays.