Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'll definitely check out Veronica Mars! I keep hearing good things about it, and I think it's on Netflix.

Never got through the first season of BSG. I think we got seven or eight episodes into it before crapping out. The wife didn't like it, and most TV time is a joint effort, so that kinda ruled it out. I enjoyed it but wasn't at the point where I wanted to check it out on "personal time." Maybe I'll power through it the next time I get a really bad cold or something.

Actually, for whatever reason I really don't enjoy sci-fi shows in general. BSG, the Star Trex and Babylon 5 are all shows I've tried checking out and they just didn't grab me. Firefly is the only sci-fi TV show I ever liked, that I can think of. Although I heard Sarah Connor Chronicles was pretty okay.

In the end of BSG they land in the ruins of Rio de Janeiro and find the big statue of Jesus or something right?