Wednesday, February 08, 2012

OK, BBC Sherlock Holmes is now on the list! Started watching it tonight, but only got a few minutes in before the baby woke up. Looked really good from the first few minutes though.

Breaking Bad -- I need to give that another shot. The mistake I made with that was watching it directly after finishing the last season of The Wire, and it looked super corny by comparison. BUT, that's a rough comparison for any show and I'm pretty it'll a good show on its own merits so I'll give it a chance. Aeryk, did you or Leslie ever get through that 1st season of The Wire?

BSG -- it's just not gonna work for the wife. She hated the following characters: the doctor and his phantasmal sidekick, the Korean Cylon, the chief mechanic, Adama's pilot son, and "I'm doin' the robot walkin' backwards INTO a" Starbuck. Basically all the characters below the age of 50.

Once Upon A Time/Vampire Diaries -- doesn't sound like the wife's speed either. She's not really into vampires or fantasy stuff. (What DOES she like, you ask? Basically, she likes: a) laffz b) violence c) excitement. Doesn't like: fantasy, most sci-fi, extreme gore, griminess [poor Deadwood] and doesn't find vampires romantic/sexy in the least. When Blade kills vampires is cool though. No word on if she likes werewolves, mages, wraiths or changelings but I would guess no to all.)

Buffy -- all right, I'll take a shot at season 2.

So basically any show starting with B sounds pretty good! Thanks guys.