Wednesday, February 08, 2012

| My Two (Canadien) cents

Which means it's worth even less than two American pennies.

FYI, these are all series I watched with the Mrs. and she liked too.

BSG: Try it again. It's dark, has some dry patches, but Leslie got into it because of the love interest stuff that comes and goes. Dunno if your baby's mama has the same sort of chick flick-ishness in her, but see that entices her. I loved it all the way though - there are some batshit bannanas stuff that happens and it is awesome! Like when EVERYONE is a Cylon, or wait, NO ONE is a Cylon, no wait, wrong again...

Buffy: Skip the first season completely. If you end up liking the show, watch the first season while you are on the toilet and need something to do. Yes, some of the characters are goofy, some of the storylines are meh and dumb, but overall it is a great show with a fun premise, fun main characters, fun stories, and fun times. Leslie and I would occasionally power through like 5 episodes in a row.

Angel: Great show too. Similar fun characters, though a little less 'juvenile' since Angel is an adult (a VERY old adult if you know what I mean *tee hee*).

3 Episode Sherlock Holmes: Phenomenal! I think they are shooting or have shot another series.

Breaking Bad: Have seen 5 or 6 episodes I think, Leslie blew through them all in a few nights. Good show, but essentially things just never get any better for anyone ever. It just goes from bad to worse all the time, so it gets a little heavy.