Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I just loved BSG almost the whole way through. There's a stretch near the middle-end where it got kinda weird, but if you invest in the watching the whole thing, it felt like it paid off well at the end. I love it!

Justified is perfect because you get to see Timothy Olyphant be an awesome cowboy badass like he was in Deadwood. It's 99% the same character, just moved up 100 years. That fucking show. I'd say watch it but they canceled it after the 3rd season on basically a cliff hanger. It's amazing though.

If you guys have On Demand, I'd say of current shows, one of the most wifey-friendly ones that's pretty fun is Once Upon a Time. All the fairy tale characters are real and the evil witch curses them all, putting them into our world. Jiminy Cricket's a fucking social worker or something. It's really fun.

And if you can get past the first 4-5 episodes of Vampire Diaries (which is all on Netflix), it gets CRAZY ridiculous. Another fun show.

American Horror Story which was on FX this year was really excellent in a twisted/hilarious way. That's probably on On Demand or like FX dot net or something.