Wednesday, February 08, 2012

the first season of veronica mars is amazing and worth watching however you can do it. the manager from party down is in it as a sleazy private eye basically in competetion with her dad. hes great.

love love love justified, one of my faves. enjoyed season one of mad men but lost interest midway thru season two. rich sommers , think thats the spelling, who plays one of the associates, the one who was doing tv ads, is a hardcore board gamer and posts all over bgg and does like video spots on board games for gfour tv. he also shows up on a bunch of podcasts, as well as john hamm. they seem to be homies with most of the la alternative comedy scene.

breaking bad is supposed to be really good, but i only made it thru half a season, its very dark.

the modern sherlock mini series from bbc is awesome, only e eps the first year and i didnt see the new ones, but totally watch those. also any of the modern doctor whos.