Thursday, July 12, 2012

| S.Warz updates

- Phoenix Elves are assholes. (jr0n destroyed my silly clerics lickety-split) Sure, jr0n seemed to have the right cards and the right rolls when he needed them, but luck favors the prepared, so jr0n is actually the asshole here... ;)

 - The Clerics are a weird bunch to work with. The healing that they do is sort of not enough, and not enough times in a game to seem like it would make a difference, and their fightiness is fairly weak. THeir champions sort of suck too. After getting trounced by the asshole Elves, I'm giving it another shot, but they are tough to wrap my head around.

 - Tundra Orcs: against me they are pretty tough, when I play with them, they are easy to beat. Its TOTALLY the faction, NOT the player....

 - Jungle Elves are assholes. I got blown out of the water against Rudy, he as the elves, me as the orcs. Yet, when I play AS the elves against the AI I have a tough time.... TOTALLY the faction, NOT the player, again....

 - Ret-Talus are interesting. THeir best common troops (reapers) gain strength when they kill other units, BUT you dont get to convert those units to magic, they stay with the unit until they are killed... not sure if the opponent then gets a two for one if they kill the reapers? If so, my whole plan with playing them should change because end up denying myself a magic point per kill, and if the unit falls, the opponent gets 1+ x magic points (x being the number of destroyed units under the reaper).

 - PS, my Ret-Talus mega hero run on the first turn did not play out so well...

 - PPS The same Ret_talus vs. Phoenix Elves game is either going to end, or has ended already, with jr0n having the drop on my summoner, but IF by the grace of jeebus he survives this round, I think I have the drop on him next round. Good times.

 - PPPS I think I play too aggressively. I think the way to play SW is to only be opportunistic, pick off weak units as they come to you, build your champions, and wait for the decks to run out. I have almost 0 success pressing the attack - so much can swing per turn in the opponents zone, you can be up 4 units to 0, and then be down 0 to 4 units in one round of attacks. At least against the asshole elves (both of em). Maybe I should start trying to block off summoning point on the walls? Anyone been trying that? That is all.