Saturday, July 14, 2012

SW sounds like boatloads of fun!   Anyone have an Ipad to spare?  lol.  I tried playing the game on my iphone but can't read any of the cards because the font size was too small or rather my screen size was too small.  whichever.   On the other hand, Team fortress 2 was boatloads of fun!

Never had any crib problems myself, but IKEA furniture.  Chime.  The swedish/chinese manufacture instructions aren't super infallable as simple as they tend to make it.  Perhaps oversimplified if you ask me.  What person assemblying that stuff doesn't have a 4th grade education!  Just make sure on cabinets you get all the facings correct before screwing it down.  That's all i have to say.  Unless you enjoy off shaded cabinets.