Thursday, July 12, 2012

In other good/bad news... the trash company has changed our pickup schedule for the trash and recycling to two different days of the week.. with recycling every other week.

Heard a truck out yesterday morning, saw our neighbor's trash can "sideways" so I thought I had missed the pickup (damnit!). I begin Machievellian level schemes on how I'm going to make it another week, where I'm going to store extra trash bags, etc.

This morning, I hear a big truck outside again (woken up by the sounds of the garbage truck! SHEEEIT, must be recycling day?) Jump out of bed, peer out the window to confirm it's just recycling day and he's picking ACTUAL TRASH CANS OMG OMG OMG.

I know I have about 4.2 seconds before my window of opportunity is closed.. so I throw on a shirt (inside and backwards), begin sprinting down stairs barefoot. Through the garage (DOOR! OPPPEEENNNNN) ... grab the can and make it to the curb just as he's about to drive past our house.

Apparently our neighbor had put his can out a day early (just to screw with us? lol).

Now I'm awake an hour early, feels like my eyes are glued shut.

Anyway. There's my good news / bad news for today. :D