Monday, July 09, 2012

| Summoner Warz

I don't mind the size of the game on the iPad, it's a pretty big physical game and I think they do a pretty good jorb of balancing visible information with pretty graphics.  But I certainly do see the annoyance...

I do however have a problem with there not being an undo button, even if it is one step back.  There is a champion on the undead team that if you discard units from the field, you can reduce his cost - well it is unclear exactly how you do that, and once you figure it out it is VERY easy to discard units, then hit 'done', thinking the discard unit phase is over and assuming the game will then allow you to place the champion... of course, this is not the case and you need to actually drag the unit on the board before hitting done.  It's cool, because you discard the units, but then don't actually put the champion on the board... it's just a game and all that, but I was ticked when I had victory in my sights, only to have it undone by an unclear UI. :)

My AT Summoner War match updates:

Rude's (The Thief Guild?) vs. My Phoenix Elves: Those teleporting thieves are SOBs and weird to think about containing.  So far, the best containment is to make sure they are secured in a 7 foot pine box, 6 feet beneath the earth!  Huzzah!

jr0n's Elves vs. My Undead Things:  Speaking of the champion that lets you discard units from the board to bring him out, I'm trying that MY FIRST TURN against jr0n!  I discarded all of my units from the board, and summoned this 4 attack power dude and started charging him across the board.... let's see what happens :)

PS Chrome does not recognize 'teleporting' as a legitimate word.  It does now, fucker.

PPS I wish S.Warz had a chat, or message function too, so we could comment on the game before we submit our turns.