Saturday, August 02, 2014

| Guardians of An Galaxy

I liked it!

I also like hunky Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec, so I was pulling for him to make a big splash in the lead, but in the end I don't think he pulled it off.  Not that it was entirely in his control to do so, directing, writing, etc. all got in the way, but he didn't scream 'leading man' to me after seeing it.  Maybe he'll do better in II.

Anyhoo, it was fun!  Definitely not a kids movie, yet my whole theater was filled with kids.  Lotta swearin', killin', stabbing, talking about killing, smashing, shootin, breaking, etc., which I enjoyed, but glad I didn't bring Wy.  I didn't THINK of it as a kids movie until I watched some trailers and much of the cutesy Raccoon and Groot stuff came across as kid friendly.

It was an interesting blend of real Earth stuff with Marvel universe stuff, which was neat too.  Did they do that with the OG GotG comics?  Marvel Unlimited will tell me!  Good stuff, and glad I chose this movie to be first I've seen in the theater since 2011 (Deathly Hollows, pt II)!

PS for me, the after credits bit was a bit of a let down.