Tuesday, July 29, 2014

| GygaXfiles

Here's an interesting read by our own Enoto doppelganger, Onote, about how Gygax lost control of TSR in about the span of 90 minutes.  Of course, there was an shitload of buildup to that point, and some crap afterward, but the knife was driven in and twisted in a single TSR board meeting.


I have Onote's rather large-ish book Playing at the World, which is a pretty good, somewhat dry, but very exhaustive work on the history of RPG/wargames as researched through physical documentation and interviews from the period which he writes, e.g. he bases history on records from the time he is writing to hopefully exclude any opportunity for failing memories or nostalgia-laden recall (for better or worse) i.e. interviews from magazines published in 1976 to document what really happened in 1976, not what someone REMEMBERS happening in 1976.  I recommend!