Monday, July 28, 2014

| Ho'kay

At first I was trying to make heads or tails out of your comments eLzar and I decided you just had lost your shit. Then I remembered about your cubicle buddy's tic and then I decided you had lost your shit, just I know why this time. Sorry dude, that sucks. Maybe you can do what Francis did. Just slowly stop showing at the office as frequently, telecommute in more often. He started telecommuting and showing up in the office 3 days a week, then 2, then 1 day a week. Finally after about 6 months he was coming in once every 4 weeks. No one said a thing to him...

jA-eL, I don't think I necessarily buy into the effectiveness of the special lady perfume be hind the knees, but more to the point, I am just hoping this is something the kids do these days. Seems a little peculiar and unnecessary, as r00d pointed out. Then again who knows, maybe it increases the number of approaches they get a night. Anyway, moving onward.