Wednesday, July 30, 2014

| Expensive Doxy

That sounds like the world's most intense job training process ever! Is it gonna pay off in the end with a killer salary and benefits? I have some friends here in the LAPD who've worked the dispatch/communications here and it sounds INTENSE. I gotta ask someone, but I'm not sure if what they did was 911 or something else. They're the ones I hear on the police radios telling them to go here or there, etc. Fuck man, good luck.

That D&D article was interesting but kinda weird. Like, it just sorta ends. And that part where Gary Gygax bought some NEEDLEWORK company or some bullshit!? That just annoyed me to no end. I can understand normal hobby-dudes getting way over their heads and making shitty business decisions, but that was the straw that broke the armadillephant's  back.

Oh, Strain-ley
We got around to watching the Strain pilot, and it was good! Looked great. Guillermo Del Toro has a knack for making shit mad-scary and atmospheric (see: At The Mountains of Madness script I sent Elzar). There was a fairly large cheese-factor to things, which may or may not be present in the book, but I know what I'm signing up for with a vampire story, so choo-choo Charlie, all aboard the crazy train.

VICE just had this article about rapey dungeon masters and some D&D history - this is Schlep Week here at AT! Using the DM Guide's "Harlot Encounters" and a d100, I rolled an 84: Expensive Doxy.