Tuesday, July 29, 2014

| Wazzooooo juice!

That's gold.

Anyone try out that game Divinity? Allegedly it's the best most awesomest DND style RPG, top-down game to come out in forevah. It reminds me of a modern Neverwinter Nights, with a crazy good campaign/mission builder and the ability to multi-play through missions. Don't want to spend $39 for it just yet, but I'mma keep an eye on it for now.

In other non-gaming news, I FINALLY just had my 3 day final skills assessment at the new jerb (911 dispatch center) and passed! That was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Essentially memorizing three 5 inch binders full of procedures, acronyms and codes was brain numbing and took nearly 100% of my free time. I now get to spend 2 more months on the floor taking calls and getting proficient with the computer systems before I go back into a month of academic study and then into another 6 months of hard core training/testing. Gah. Overall though I love the job. It's never boring, even if some times nerve wracking to be dealing with people in ultimate peril/danger all shift long. Out of all the people who started through the filtering/hiring process, 5 of us got brought on in March, now there are just 3 of us left. Unofficial stats from round the cooler say only one, maybe two of us will make it through the Dispatch training/testing process. lol, no pressure or anything.