Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ya, I'll probably buy it this week and get to play it Friday! I heard that there's a big patch due this week  or "very soon" that should address some of the apparent early problems, but who knows. I think when I was a smuggler I had some kind of "threat" power, but I don't remember what my role was even supposed to be. Oh, I think it was a threat reduction skill actually, so that felt very WoW, but when playing Solo, not point in losing threat. ANYWAYS, ya, I'll probably buy it for Friday.

The rules are out for the new Wiz War! I don't remember if it was Jon/Paul that was always pushing it, or JP era group, but I remember the little box and that it was random but fun. New one looks cool - don't think I'll buy it, but would definitely jump at the chance to try it out. Does anyone remember og-wiz war? Is it basically the same, sans the nicer components?