Monday, January 16, 2012

| games

So, what's the word on Star Wars MMO!? I heard Eric had gotten it right as I was logging off, so any first impressions? Did Dennis follow suit?

A new game I picked up recently and played is the Summoner Wars: Master Set. It's a 2-player game (or 4 if you've got another battle mat), tactical combat using cards instead of minis. The rules are very simple and the combat is basic as can be (d6 for every attack level with 1-2 miss, 3-6 hit) but the crazy variety is in all the different factions and characters. The set I got came with 6 different decks/factions and I think there are 5 or 6 more from various other releases. Every card has rules and conditions that allow you to break the "basic rules" of the game, so it's really fun. Games are like 20-30 minutes long, and so far the different factions feel pretty balanced - I totally don't "get" them all yet, but it's really fun to try different combinations in battle. I'll bring it around next time.

Also picked up PitchCar Mini (and a couple expansions), mostly for when my nieces and nephew visit but also for conventions or whatever. It's fun and way smaller than the full size version. Fun flicky racing! Impulse buying online at 3am is the worst disease ever :(

So, back to Star Wars, I almost bought it yesterday after hearing that Eric got it, but the hard $60 price and super long download I'm anticipating stalled me - what's the word, bird?