Thursday, January 19, 2012


Okay, I have played SWTOR for several hours over the past few days and I am not going to lie, I am more than a little frustrated. I am really trying to get over the hump, but struggle with the typical MMORPG 3rd person issue that really presents a problem for me... Movement and limitations to mouse/key binding combinations.

I am an odd duck when it comes to key bindings. I can not use WASD to save my life. I end up all over the keys, especially at stressful combat points, and lose my place a lot. Hence the reason I still type with my eyes regularly on the keyboard. Well, most of the time that is fine and the key bindings can be adjusted to work with my style, but with SWTOR moving the mouse moves the camera POV, not the character's orientation. Using the keys ends up being a button mashing horror show and usually ends with me side stepping for 100 yards, trying to crab out of combat, while being pelt with laser blast, totally disoriented. I will try again tonight or tomorrow and being optimistic. I hope I didn't burn $75 needlessly.

Also, SWTOR really likes to dump me to my desktop periodically while the game is still running. This usually ends badly with me shot dead while waiting for the 3D engine to reinitialize the scene. I have never had this issue before in other games and I haven't figured out if their is a fix. Maybe it is a bug that EA hasn't sussed out yet...

The final straw last night was when I tried to chat with eLzar. I could look him up, add him as a friend, type a whisper, only to find, I cannot send the comment. Why? Well and don't seem to work in the chat window. Maybe I'm dumb. I'll have to look for solutions on that as well.