Thursday, January 19, 2012

I didn't play Tuesday, was rocking' some tabletop action. I was on last night from like 9-10, so it sounds like we all played, just not simultaneously.

Earthdawn! Character creation Tuesday at eight or so. Be there if you kaer!*

* A kaer is an underground shelter people have hidden in for the 400 years of the Scourge**

** The Scourge was the period when the magic level rose to dangerously high levels, allowing the Horrors*** to lay waste to the Earth.

*** The Horrors are monsters from the depths of Astral Soace who prey on the fear, hatred, or flesh of Namegivers****.

**** Sentient beings are called Namegivers because they have the ability to name places, things, and other living things, increasing their magical potential.

See, Earthdawn jokes can be funny!