Thursday, January 19, 2012

| What's your name, little boy?

Tell us your character name (and class) and we can help!

If any of us MMO vets are on I'm sure everyone would be willing to help out with pro tipz, interface issues, key bindings, etc.

I should be on tonight and am itching to get these flashpoints and group heroics off my quest log! I even have a 4 person recommended heroics - c'mon Action Team, everyone log on at once so I don't have to group with any strangers! Although, so far, everyone I have met seems pretty nice.

I dinged 15 today, btw. Leveling is totally like old school WoW, in so far as it seems to be much slower than current WoW. Seems weird.

PRO TIP: Have you tried using your mouse for all movement and facing, while using your Q/E buttons for sidestepping? If you hold both mouse buttons down you will move forward and as you move the mouse, your direction will follow the mouse. I most often use both mouse buttons, Q/E for sidestepping, and S for backing up. (I think. It has become such second nature to me, I question my ability to describe it here...)

PRO TIP II: MOST combat in MMO's shouldn't be as frenetic as you describe (PvP aside). Most combats in MMO's are about the rotation of abilities, targeting bad guys, and figuring out which abilities have synergy with one another, etc. MOST of the time you can just stand there and press the attack buttons, not the movement buttons.

PRO TIP III: You might be hitting the Windows key during your button-mashing which will drop you to the desktop. It is in the worst place possible for playing a WASD game, ever.