Monday, January 16, 2012

| Not the WoWing kind of tank

I'm supposedly the tanking kind of trooper, though without any threat meter, it's tough to know if I was tanking correctly? Not to mention I am totally unsure about the cycle of abilities I should be using (sounds like the same for the, er, healer I was running with) means that I didn't seem to be holding threat and I died in the instance pretty quickly.

I THINK that if it is designed similarly to WoW, then Jon should be healing me exclusively, with some healz for our AI companions that do DPS, and I should be trying to a) keep the boss' attention b) keep the bosses DPS and armor reduced so that our DPS can hurt it.

I think we can take that jerk down next time, yo.

Also, the instance is interesting insofar as it has LOTS of dialog but I can see it getting old if you run it more than twice. I'm sure there is some skip dialog method for later runs when you have already been through 2+ times. Unless, there is no loot or reason to run it more than once?

Jon made the comment last night about being out of his comfort zone, and I totally agree with him! I have NO IDEA what most of my own abilities do, let alone what anyone else can do, what the hell crafting is about, what the hell training for specialized mission types is about, or where anything is in the world! It's fun learning it all again but when I get PvP'd, imma totally get pwned.

Go get the physical copy from best bey and then you only need the patch!

Also, somewhere in the blog is the name of our server, it starts with an A and the second word is Pall (I think) and we are on an RP-PVP server (for some reason :) ) - when/if you join right click your general tab, create a custom chat channel, and name it 'actionteam' - it seems to essentially work like a guild chat and we don't need to be in the same zone to use it.

Do it!

Looking forward to joining the Imperials sometime and just being an absolute heartless dick.