Tuesday, July 08, 2014

| undead-chicken?

I now have a much better understanding of the systems you picked up. The world-building meta-game/toy sounds awesome, I'm in. Is it all off the top of our domes, or is it like "here's a list of 100 DARK options - roll or pick"? Signed up for that wipeboard site too! Looks cool.

I see your microscope board - I don't know if I'm supposed to do anything else now, but I assume we would be online and do it together.

I remember reading about Burning Wheel - sounds pretty interesting. You're right that the crunch factor probably crushes any e-gaming, but if there were regular live-games, sounds like a fun system to delve into.

Mines of Madness
I'm reading this module/adventure that came with the last D&D Next playtest that sounds fun. It was written for one of the PAX cons, and it's basically a difficult 1-shot in the vein of Tomb of Horrors. If you guys want me to run it as my follow-up to  CHILL™: Carnival Adventures of Spooky-Town, I'll do it!