Sunday, July 06, 2014

Re: combining RPGs, it's because we're going down the rabbit hole that eventually leads to elzar and I renting a table at Orccon to sell our new game. "It's a combination of Microscope, Diaspora, Exalted, Call of Cthulhu, Pinochle, World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game, Quarriors, house-ruled Quarriors, and Carcassonne!" And I couldn't be happier.

ANYWAY, I hadn't heard of Diaspora/Microscope, but Mythic GME is the overlay system we used to play DCC GM-less a while back. So that's kind of a free ocmbo.

Is Diaspora a FATE game elzar? I hope you can explain it to me. I actually sold off FATE core at Kubla because I couldn't quite wrap my head around the system and was like, "We'll never play this!!!" Just goes to show, never sell anything, ever. Right now FATE is quite the darling on, so you can definitely poke around the threads there if you're interested.

Oh and I missed out on the Dungeon World kickstarter btw. Actually even at the height of my kickstarter madness I didn't back any RPGs (well, with exceptions: a sourcebook for DCC, and Exalted 3rd ed.). Although I do regret missing the DCC module KS that gradually turned crazier and crazier until it ultimately turned into a huge adventure/gazeteer box set. I actually went to back that one and it had closed 18 minutes prior. D'oh!