Tuesday, July 08, 2014

| I Checked Out 13th Age From the Library

And have mixed feelings, which I will now tell you about because none of you asked.

 - I LOVE the 13 icons and the rolls before the game (better after the previous session ends, IMHO) that helps drive some of the story!

 - I LOVE how epic and rules-heavy the game reads - it's like a super-sexy D&D for 23 year old Elzar!

 - I HATE how many rules there are!  I cringed at the leveling charts and the basic attacks that all the characters get.  It seems so dry and pedestrian at this point in my aging gaming career.  Apparently my brain is currently not in a very 'standard RPG fare' mindset - bring on the high-narrative, group-sourced history, dynamic action, low rules, limited/no GM RPGs for me, sir!

(BTW, anyone notice how talking about RPGs has generated the longest and most numerous posts on teh blogz in quite some time?  I think we need to do something about it)