Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Man I'd kill for some RPG action (note to NSA handler, not the rocket propelled grenade variety).

I've been lurking like an asshole for a while, just been crazy slammed with the new job, training, learning, dad'ing and all that real life stuff. HOWEVER, I only have about one more week of "hardcore" training / testing left and then I should be able to come up for air again. Yay! Going to be doing a lot of 10 hour shifts, which gives me 3 days off a week (double yay!), then sometime in August, moving to 12 hour shifts, which will give me a 4-on 4-off, 3-on, 3-off schedule which is HELLA YAY! Only working about 14 or 15 days a month is going to rock.

tl;dr: I'd be hella down for some gaming action, but not for about a week, and then M-W (if my vote even counts, lol).

Also.. anyone else still playing Payday2? I haven't done a lot of gaming the last little while but was enjoying it at the higher levels. Would love to hook up with you guys again for some heisty good times.