Tuesday, July 08, 2014

| Collab, FTW

Yar, we should all be online together to 'play' Microscope, at least at the beginning.  I see no reason why we couldn't do it async since you can dictate Scenes as well.

jr0n - In
R00d - In
Elzar - In
Enron - doesn't like computer time with friends after work
Denis - ???

We could seriously do like an hour some night just to get the ball rolling and see what happens.  We could even do it in a chat window if a call or vid conference is too dicey (but its much more fun to vid).

And yes, it's all off the top of yer dome.  Of course you could come to the table with idears in advance so you can sort of guide and direct the history when it's your turn, but there are no charts or anything.

A few more tidbits of info:

Each round someone rotates into the role of the Lens.  The Lens chooses a theme for the round and gets to play two nested items on their turn.  Then the rest of the players play one item, but it must be in the theme nominated by the Lens.  What that theme is, I'm still a lil' unclear about, but I think it would be like the "Boogedy Boogedy Tribe".  Then after everyone plays, a Legacy is chosen by the Lens.  The Legacy (I think) is a person that was interesting to the Lens that turn.  The Legacy can be then used by others in following turns, or ignored, or replaced the following round by a different Legacy.

The game/tool/toy/exercise continues until the players want it to end, either because they think it's good, they don't like it anymore, they've run out of time for their session, or whatever.  Old Microscopes can of course be picked up and played with at a later date and time.

The recommendation is to be bold!  Build, destroy - nothing is sacred!