Sunday, January 22, 2012

| SWTOR: Guildz

Almost right after you logged off Rudy I ran to my trainer in the spaceport to level up and right next to him was the guildmaster - totally only need 4 people total in a party to start the guild! If nothing else, we should set a time for us to all log on for 1 minute, then I'll fireup the guild (I think I have enough spacebucks) and then PROFIT!

The flashpoint was TOTALLY FUN! I really like the dialog tree aspect and that we each roll to see who actually gets to speak on what part. Yeah, I was totally mortified when given the option to re-route some power in the ship to save all the engineering staff, or blow them out of the airlock to save time, jr0n chose to blow them out into the freezing comforts of deep space. Mortified! I really did feel a sense of loss afterward, particularly when the game brought it up later as a painful reminder of "our" decision! Watch yo back when Bahn-mi (jr0n) is 'healing' your party :)

Get your WASD practice on, Enron, there is too much fun to be had!

And put your WoW account on hold for the month Myke, get in on this!