Thursday, January 26, 2012

My vote would be for B... if I were going. Boo. Have fun, guys! And congrats, Rude! You will be honeymooning on the island where I live, which is cool. Hit me up when you guys are here! ate-oh-ate, for-for-six, too-won-for-seven

I hope everything is well with everyone. I come back to Cali occasionally, but I am there for such a short period of time, it is impossible to get together with everyone while I am there.

Quick update: Life here is pretty sweet. This is the third year I have lived here, and I am still finding it totally enjoyable. For crying out loud, I went surfing this morning before work and didn't have to wear a wetsuit, and the waves were big and glassy. I get to teach a pretty select group of students (I don't have to deal with special education or English as a second language paperwork and meetings), at a great school. I live 12 minutes from school and 11 minutes from the beach, but at the same time, where I live is vast open spaces of pastureland, so I never feel claustrophobic or island fever. I live with my girlfriend and we have a cat named Boris. I am very happy.

I do, however, miss my family and friends in California. Hopefully I can see, or talk to, you guys soon. I really don't have time or the means to play games with you guys, and with the time difference, I am not sure it can work out, but we'll see.

Shaka! (nobody ever says that)