Wednesday, January 25, 2012

| Bonjour... BOOM!

So, if you look at the fine map/satellite image of option C, the distance from rocky beach to the sandy state beach for Frisbee love is about ~800', so not too far, but maybe a spontaneity minimzer. As a plus, there appears to be a large mobile home park around that distance away too. So Yee Haa.

eLzar: I think the best plan is then for us to go down together. I'll work a short day at work, CalTrans it down and meet you in SJ @ 2:30pm on Thursday.

Pump: Well, let's see how Blackheart weighs in on Koobla.

r00d: Are you thinking BooblaCon is in the future this year. I know that starts to get close to your wedding date.

jr0n: Gross. Did you try making a candle? Check this bad boy out... Comedy gold at 0:37-1:08.