Thursday, January 26, 2012

| Listening to The Giant Bombcast

As I always do while commuting (until I run out of them, in which case I simply weep in the car) and they received an email where the the question was posed "when did you feel like you were playing on or with something from The Future". His example was that he was sick on the couch and rather than getting up to swap game disks on his 360, he simply downloaded a new game with 3 clicks of a button and was playing in minutes. His example seemed less like the The Future to me since it sort of has been that way for some time, but it got me thinking. Here is my list of The Future/paradigm shift moments while playing video games, in no particular order:

1) Intellivision - WTF games IN MY HOUSE? And that baseball guy looks like he is actually running?!?!

2) Super Mario Bros. on the NES - WTF I don't have to go to the liquor store to play this game in a stand-up cabinet, I can play it in my pajamas?!? It's the same exact game!?!

3) Dragon's Lair - WTF, I'm a character in a cartoon movie and I'm (poorly) controlling the movie?!?!

4) Doom over Null Modem at UCLA - WTF, we are in JP's room playing against Mike in his room UPSTAIRS, OVER THE PHONE?!?!

5) Doom - Looking at a demo of Doom at one of the Strategicons = WTF, 3D in a game?!?!?!

6) Virtual Fighter, cabinet - WTF, that guy looks like a real guy when he punches that other guy!

7) Neverwinter Nights on AOL - WTF, I'm at Paul's house and we are playing a Gold Box game with Jon in his house? At the same time and using a chat window to talk to each other?!?!?!

8) Tekken on Playstation - WTF, this game looks like the most amazing thing ever (and will inspire me to break shit, but that is not relevant to this list) and it's in my house?!?!

9) Myst - WTF, this game looks like the most amazing thing ever! Is that a VIDEO playing IN THE GAME?!?!?!

10) Duke Nukem - WTF, I can use this in game monitor to control the in game security cameras and watch my networked opponent somewhere else in the game and then remotely detonate a mine I had placed in front of the camera when he runs by it and watch him blow up?!?!?!