Tuesday, January 24, 2012

| Bits of Bits

eLzar is on it like a Bonnet. I just asked for time off (Thursday and Friday)... approved! I'm in it to win it.

eLzar, you are heading down the afternoon of Thursday I believe. What is the intention of the rest of you punks. Obviously, I am vehicularly challenged, so I need to plan accordingly. Plus, I would like to be involved in the grocery shopping. That way I can make more delicious bits.

I spoke with DaveDefeat and it looks like he is out for both CayuKon 2012 and probably BooblaCon 2012. He has some expenses coming up that are restricting his cash flow. Speaking of BooblaCon, what is everyone's opinion on it this year? I am willing, but I know that it may be a tough sale for some of you jArks. Please let me know what your estimated intentions are so I can plan accordingly.

I think either option A or C for the CayuKon 2012 house look good. I think A is better for layout and sleeping quarters, plus it is a tad more interesting in the ocean view department. That's just two cents. E is awesome, but us poor blokes are not like to afford those snazzy diggs.

SWTOR goes okay for me. Still struggling in combat with the key bindings and third person mouse interface. It's especially problematic when I get cornered and jammed in a scrum by those brutish Gundaks. I hit level 11 last night and will hopefully be plopped on Coruscant after I tie up the last couple of loose ends on Ord Mantell. Yay me.