Wednesday, January 25, 2012

| All of the Above

I sent some email to the rental lady asking about the availability of all 3 - waiting to hear back. They are all the same price, so I think that it just comes down to a) which is available, b) which Rudy wants, c) which the Action Team wants.

I think C actually has the least amount of non-floor sleeping options.

'A' has 6 beds, 2 'day beds' in the sun room, and looks to be the most remote (a good thing), but not a great looking Frisbee beach.

'B' has 3 beds and 4 bunk beds (yikes), but looks to be close to the northern neighbor.

'C' has 4 beds, and the best Frisbee beach.


18 miles southeast of Cayucos is SLO, and they have a Costco - so if Enron meets me in SJ on Thursday ~2:30, we can drive to SLO, and hit Costco on the way in to town.


Peeps so far:


- Eric: driving to CabinCon Thursday 2:30, shopping at Costco in SLO before arrival
- Enron: possibly taking train to SJ Thursday, will drive with Eric.
- Jon: driving town Friday
- Mike: TBD


- Rudy: TBD
- Denis: TBD
- Peter: TBD
- Johnny: TBD
- DaveDefeat: KIA