Friday, July 04, 2014

| Well, to hell with you all (actually just jr0n)

I had just ordered some new D&D stuff when I read your post on Dungeon World and wished I hadn't because then I went out and ordered Dungeon World!  I actually went to order it on Amazon, and the didn't have any in stock but I read some of the reviews and got fired up even more!  I read this review... : "This is a great system for pickup games. I want to pair it with the cluster system from Diaspora and the timeline building of Microscope to create a rich, player generated world and then go Dungeon Crawling." I naturally looked up Diaspora and Microscope and sort of picked those up too, sight unseen.

Amazon had none of them and DrivethruRPG only had the PDFs so I went to Indie Press Revolution and grabbed a print/digital bundle for each.  I dunno, I'm feelin the need to RP sometime and maybe just returning to basics (fantasy) with a simple system will get me going.  It sounds the Diaspora and Microscope combined with the Mythic GM Emulator might make for a fun vRP series of sessions.

jr0n: I hear that Dungeon World was a kickstarter?  Did you kick it?  Out of curiosity, do you know what goodies came with it?

EDIT: Since all the D&D Next stuff was pre-order, I just cancelled that shit for now. Looking forward to indie press goodness!