Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've been resisting getting any Steam stuff so far.  But all this talk of gaming...

I really liked Dishonored as well.  Dug the setting and mood.  I was also annoyed with the scroll wheel.  I ended up using the numbers for the weapon swap and remapped the wheel button as my choke, because apparently I was using that a lot.  Though I felt really, really bad choking that maid out.  I found her cowering in the kitchen.  Didn't have an option to be a gentleman and lock her in a closet or something.  So I went all WWF (WWE) with the sleeper hold.

I heard Wolfenstein was a huge download.  Do you know if it's because it's a long game or just large asset files?  It's set in an alternate history 60's right?  Will there be a Mecha Hitler?

I don't know if anyone is into civ games, but I'm very excited about Beyond Earth.  It's basically Civilization in spaceeeee!  Alpha Centauri is one of my favorite games.  I fire it up regularly now and then.  This is almost like an updated remake.  It's coming out this fall (squee!).