Sunday, June 29, 2014

I don't know why I aggressively hate UPlay too, but I do. It ALWAYS feels obtrusive, like OBAMGAY, amirite?
- Ann Coulter

I eyed a bunch of those Steam games recently but I'm so beyond backlogged, I didn't bother getting any of them. I did grab on iOS Star Command which was this over-hyped space game that looked like FTL but with better graphics. When it eventually came out, people were so underwhelmed. (Plus, I think you had to pay $10 or $15 bucks on Kickstarter for the iOS app - now it's 99cents, biatch!) All the hype long past, I pulled the trigger for a buck and it's OKAY. At first, it felt awful, especially when you compare it to FTL. But it's a totally different game, and once you except that, it's not bad.