Sunday, June 29, 2014

| Wolfenstein FTW

Well, I started playing Dishonored while Wolfie was downloading and it was awesome!  I like all the Thief sneakiness, the side quests, the spells, etc. however it start to get overwhelming with the left/right hand buttons, the scroll wheel that changed weapons in both hands on the same wheel, etc.  I took one of the early side quests for that Grandma chick outside of the first light gate so I had to infiltrate some doctors house which was AWESOME!

I really liked finding the combination to the safe, how looking at the chalkboard updated your journal notes and I like all the stories from the books you find and the chatter (like between the maid and the guard on teh second floor and how they were to marry, etc. - BTW, I knocked em both out and put them in the Dr.'s bed so at least they have that going for them when they wake).

And THEN Wolfie downloaded and it is waaaay fun to play.  I'm running it on a laptop with a pretty cheesy video card, but it's good enough to run the gameplay and rendered cut scenes however it chunks during the cut scenes that use actual gameplay, if that makes any sense.  The graphics slow waaay down and the sound get waaaay out of sync, to the point where you hear the conversation finish before the models start slowly moving their mouths, then you have to wait for like a slow minute while the video catches up.  It's kind of a drag, but I remember that happening during both Batmans and I got over it.

I think it also requires Win 7 or 8 64bit, so that's a drag.  I fortunately have a low end 64bit lappy, so bully for me!

I also picked up Might and Magic 1 -7 for $4.99 on GOG.  It includes all maps, manuals, and guides, so that's fun!  I've already fired up MM2 and am busy killing friars and beggars in the streets of Middlegate.