Wednesday, July 02, 2014

| Annnd....

 - Oh my good god, how did I let an offer to paint/play Blood Bowl on the blog go without comment?!?!?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times, YES!  Denis I will play Blood Bowl with you!

I really wish Dreadball caught on, because I have, like, A TONNE of stuff... and another Kickstarter lootfest coming in the mail for then next Dreadball iteration.  C'est la vie.

 - Finished Wolfie.  It was fun!  Somewhat short, really pretty, no mecha hitler, and room for a sequel.  I think the size of the game was definitely for the assets rather than length of play.  It's a very modern take on a very straightforward and old-school kind of FPS. Outside of shoot, alt-shoot, duck, lean, jump, and run, there is a gun that lets you cut holes in stuff that you recharge with charging stations vs. ammo; otherwise, ach iz all de same (but in a good way).  NOT worth $60 to me, but I'm good with the $30 I paid for it.