Tuesday, April 01, 2014

| gimmie the loot

Payday 2 is like Arrow minus being good, oh sick burn. Just kidding, I like BOTH things, because I am highfalutin. I can't get on board with your hate, Elrick. It's just not that bad.

ABC has their own "The Returned" kind of show called Resurrection, and it's SO weird to watch. It was supposedly developed with no relation to the The Returned, but it's so hard to not be like "whatup with this fake shit?". There's big similarities to how the dead who've come back act on both shows, but the American show feels less mysterious and cerebral. More like "regular tv show, also these people have come back from the dead." Still gonna watch it for a little while longer, because I GOTTA know what the fuck is up with these people, but there's almost none of the tension / creep-factor that the French show has.

I got us crazy murder knives from Amazon. After the bunch of earthquakes we've had recently, my wife asked me to put together some emergency kits for the house. So I ordered all this bullshit from Amazon that they suggest for your emergency kits like zip ties, rope, water tablets, weird food rations, bandages, etc. Then when you order shit like that on Amazon, they suggest "people who bought that, also bought this" which led me down the road to scary knives. So I got her a pink one and me a black one. I was such a pussy trying to even OPEN the thing this morning. I dunno guys, I guess I'm not a big "weapons" kinda dude. Eventually I was able to flip open the knife like a true greaser (after watching a YouTube video on how to CLOSE IT - no shit, I couldn't figure it out). If the shit goes down Walking Dead/The Road style, I'm prepared to zip tie prisoners and torture them for their canned goods and/or bottle caps (or whatever  a post 5.0-earthquake Los Angeles uses for currency).