Monday, March 31, 2014

| Pointz, Ccounterpointz

I too, remember playing Dark Castle at the Toth's house, right around the time Eric turned all of the stuff in his room to be like Pee Wee's Playhouse (basically paper cut out eyes and mouths taped to everything).  I also played a grip at JPs house.  We SUCKED at that game and I wonder if it's because a) it was hard, and b) it made you use and master the left hand keyboard, right hand mouse control scheme which was way ahead of it's time.  Dunno, I really, really liked it too and have downloaded countless mac emulators and ROMs over the years to play, but never really got into it again.  The remake looks promising!

I hated Arrow.  Like, wanted to turn it off Men in Tights stylee, kind of hate.  It was tooooo beef/cheesecake-y, and toooo influenced by the whole OC/CW/Barbi and Ken lookin' style, any redeeming qualities were lost for me.  So far, Rude has hit them out of the park in his recent recommendations (Orphan Black, the Returned), but this one was TERRIBLE.

Like, worse than season one of Buffy, terrible (which I actually re-watched and didn't think it was as bad as I remember).  Which means I'm usually okay with giving a shitty show a second chance, but I don't know about Arrow... it was just so bad.

PAYDAY UPDATE:  Well, I've officially started having PayDay dreams.  No, they are not as fun as playing the game, they are sort of like the Doom 2 dreams I had after putting in a solid weekend of that game at ORug's place in LV.  I had to get up and walk around at 2:45am this morning to sort of reset my brain because no matter how much rolling, or pillow flipping I did, when I closed my eyes I only saw the bank heist over, and over, and over...

PAYDAY UPDATE II:  It's totally fun!