Sunday, March 30, 2014

| Nostalgia-Based Commerce

Made two recent purchases that, while satisfying, can only be described as nostalgia-driven:

1. Return to Dark Castle

Started reminiscing on how awesome this game was when I spent hours playing it on E. Toth's Mac in 5th grade. It was hard as fuck and I don't think we ever got anywhere! Then I saw this updated version which kinda rolls together parts 1, 2 and has some new shit for $10. It's fun so far, and still incredibly difficult, although I wish there was an option to play it in grayscale. In 1986.

2. Night's Dark Terror
Flee on your steed, Tandy Compusa!

This is kinda the one that got away, and I can only blame myself, for a) trying to run it at a convention b) trying to convince people that they like Basic D&D. But I can ALSO blame all of you guys, for being assholes*. :) This was the one with the HP Hatecraft/Tandy Compusa/etc. characters. Fight on a riverboat followed by a big siege. Went down in flames. Then I somewhat sneakily tried to run it again like five years later, only to have someone say, "Hey! We've already played this!" At which point everyone refused to play any more. Crash and burn #2.

But the thing is this module is like renowned as the high-water mark for D&D modules! Although I wouldn't say it's as good as Enemy Within, it's kind of in the same category of being an epic, map-spanning, somewhat sandboxy campaign.

Anyway I'll be running this at KublaCon 2016 so forget I ever mentioned anything.

The sad part about me buying the PDF of this is that I think I already own two hard copies.

* I have never been an asshole during someone else's game, so I totally have a leg to stand on here.