Monday, March 31, 2014

| lol Payday 2 dreams

Man. I too have succumb to the dreams as of last night, lol.

In other news, started my new jorb today. Was pretty stoked about the bennies. They're stupid awesome! $50 to cover the entire family, for everything, including 150k in extra life insurance. That's a win. Only bummer is, I found out that from this point forward through my training I'll be required to show up at 7am (but I'm out at 3pm, so that's kinda rad). The people at the lab who want my blood every morning are gonna have to suck it. They'll get their blood at 330pm and like it.

In other Payday 2 news, I unlocked my dual sentry guns. TWICE THE MAYHEM. Pretty awesome, actually. Can lay one down during the heist to cover and throw one down to cover the escape! Huzzah!