Monday, March 31, 2014

| Arrowz

Arrow can be totally cheesy, especially in it's earlier episodes, but it gets progressively better with time as it moves away from the typical CW-format. Also, he totally murders dudes! That's rad. Season 2, which is coming up on it's last few episodes has been really good. They setup a "The Flash" spinoff which will come out next year I think, and that should rock as well.

The weird city background they use is a composite of like Toronto, Tokyo, New York, and something else. Yeah, it looks INSANE. Like a BILLION skyscrapers and freeways all MC Escher'n it all over the place.

Have you guys tried watching Spartacus yet? That's still such an amazingly underrated action show. Starts off REALLY rough because they were going for this 300/Sin City graphic-novel style that was already super dated, but they move away from that after like the 3rd episode. SO GODDAMN GOOD. Ultra-titties and violence, but once you get past that/used to it, it's a blast of a show. It's from some of the Buffy/Angel writers, so there's this stealth-quality that starts to shine through.

Have you guys seen any of the new Comedy Central shows? They're all really hilarious. Kroll Show, Broad City, and Review. Oh my god, so so funny.

DARK CASTLE - I used to LOVE that game. And yeah, I remember it being fucking impossible as a kid. There were so many great/weird Mac games back in the day.