Thursday, February 02, 2012

| News and Notes

- BTW, good to hear you're doing awesome in Hawai'i, brah. You're an asshole for being able to surf so easily :) If you haz Internets, you haz the ability to play games with The Action Team! I don't know what the bandwidth of a coconut and pineapple network drop is, so that might be the only problem :) Do it!

- Rental agreement has been sent off, just waiting for the confirmation/approval and we are good to go for BeachCabinCon!

- Been falling asleep at like 8.30 recently, so no SWTOR for me. I'm gearing up for some gamin' tonight though as we are watching a total of two 5 year-olds and two 5 MONTH-olds Friday night...

- Can't find a very good SWTOR podcast yet. I can't stand about half the voices on Old Republic Radio and I sort of want to choke most of the folks on that show regularly. Makes me want to fire-up The Electric Cardboard Mayhem again! Speaking of which, I found some weird German podcast aggregation site that gave ECM 5 stars on most episodes! Next step, PROFIT!

- I listened to an episode of Uhh Yeah Dude yesterday and I can't get into it. If you have seen Parks and Recreation, one of the hosts just sounds like Jean-Ralphio - and I can't get into an hour of that guy, let alone two of them :) If I recall, I didn't like Giant Bombcast the first time I heard it either, and I still think that Jeff Gerstmann is still a bully and asshole, but Vinny, Ryan, Brad, and Patrick Klepek (the new guy) make up for it by being funny and nice guys. Not that Jeff isn't funny, but he can be a bully and a lil' more crass and annoying than I really want to hear all the time. I mean, it's his company, so do what you like, but still.