Thursday, February 02, 2012

Haven't had a ton of time for SW:TOR in the last few days -- been really busy with home stuff and finishing up my last week at work. I've got all of Feb off to spend with the little one. Hooray! On the other hand the wife goes back to work on Wednesday. Boo! But I guess on the other hand when I'm not working I'll have more time for SW:TOR. Hooray!

Anyone following this whole thing going on with the Komen for the Cure foundation? Disappointing to learn their board is a bunch of GOP assclowns.

Since I've been doing so much PC gaming lately between Star Wars and Steam, I'm thinking about buying a dedicated PC gaming rig if I get a bonus this year. What does a decent rig cost these days, anyway? I poked around Alienware a little bit, but their prices are pretty high. I get the feeling you're paying as much for bling as you are for processor/graphics card/etc. I'd need to pick up a monitor too.