Sunday, January 29, 2012

And I have personally grouped up with Enron! We were smokin' fools left and right so I would say whatever his original control issues were, he appears to have gotten past them. It made getting through that massive zone a lot more fun!

I've hit 15 and am about to tackle "The Works." Per Rude's advice I've cleared all the Justicar missions before moving on. Now I have an actual tanking ability... the equivalent of the WoW fighter's defensive form, where my damage isn't as good but my defense is considerably enhanced. Looking forward to trying out the full set of tools in a flashpoint.

On another matter... I am glad I'm not involved in the Magic scene. I went to the game store last night and there was just a weird vibe in the air. Out in front there were a couple of guys smoking right in front of the door, pretty much blocking the entrance. They had these pissed off expressions on their faces. Inside the store was jammed with all these dudes who seemed vaguely intense and upset. Everyone had huge blocks of Magic cards laid out all over the place, over other merchandise, etc. There was a lot of arguing about trades like, who had offered a certain trade first, etc.

The guy who I recognized as the dude who runs the Magic events there randomly rolled up on some random and starting talking to him really intensely out of nowhere about all the kinds of games he used to play. He started talking about how he had 10,000 points of Dark Eldar and how it was the biggest Dark Eldar army in California.

I asked the girl working the register what was going on and she said it was a release event for the new set. Not only that but apparently it was going on the next day as well and then after that there was a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament that was going to be really intense.