Thursday, February 02, 2012

I stopped listening to the Bombcast mostly because I can't stand Ryan. I really don't mind Jeff. He's kind of stupid and obnoxious, but I just don't like Ryan (no-Walsh) at all. Vinny, Dave, and Brad were my favorites. I used to see Patrick Klepick at the comedy shows I used to go to and he always looked like the dauchiest little hipster, so hated him by default. I'll try to give it a listen again sometime to see what it's like now.

I wasn't so into UYD in the beginning either, but starting at episode 1, they just grew on me and it's like the best shit on the internet ever. It helped to see their taped episodes on YouTube to give it some reference.

Craigshouse - Seth reading Craigslist ads, kills me everytime.

Ya, haven't seen anyone on Star Wars all week! I'm gonna be gone a couple days but I'll play again this weekend.

Yay on Beach Con!