Monday, January 30, 2012

| future shock

So back to the "future is now" topic:

The future-creep has been so subtle, it's hard to think if I've had many of those "damn, we're living in the space age" revelations, but there are some major moments growing up that stand out.

- Time Traveler. I remember they had this hologram game at the arcade in Hermosa (over by where the first Penguins Yogurt and AMC were). This was that clunky, expensive, weird Dragon's Lair-esque game that took place in a bubble and had holograms fighting! That shit was insane! It was so close to the holograms from Star Wars (always bringing it back), I really thought it was gonna be the wave of the future.

- I also remember Neverwinter Nights on AOL. I never had the money to play it, but I DREAMED of that shit and imagined what it must be like. I don't know if they ever had trials, but I vaguely remember trying it somewhere (maybe at Jons? I don't think I knew Jon then). I did have Pool of Radiance, so I was so excited about the possibility of multiplayer Gold Box gaming.

- The fucking digitized voice in Cinemaware games! Specifically Rocket Ranger and The Three Stooges. They had some fucked up digitized voices in them, but it blew my mind. Now video games can't shut the fuck up, holy smokes.

- Even as a kid I knew Robby the Robot was wack. Super Mario Bros on the other hand was insane, and is still basically awesome to this day. That's incredible.