Monday, November 17, 2014

| The Action Teams Movie Picks for November 2014

Top ACTION TEAM movie picks!

John Wick: Exciting action! Keauni Reeves shoots many a man in the head in this action adventure. This is one wick you don't want to let burn out on the candlestick.

Cheers: Awful 80s show that I can't imagine watching today due to all the sexual harrasement.

Herclues with The Rock: It was alright. The Rock just looked really off with this beard that aged him by like 5 years and then it's basically The Magnificant Seven but with swords n shit. It was fine.

Edge of Tommorrow: This Tom Cruise sci-fi epic is really good. Really good. Really good. It's like Groundhogs Day, that's why I repeated that phrase. It's enjoyable!