Friday, November 21, 2014

| So yehr a witchah?

Never played the first one, so I can't really contrast/compare that way. And yeah, there is a hooooge plot decision point at the end of the first Act that completely changes how/where the rest of the game is played. I'm in the beginning stages of the Second act now (I went with the elves). I feel like I'm getting a little bit into a grindy-spot so I'm stalling out slightly but I'll try to see it through. I've quite enjoyed it so far. I both love and hate that some of the more important decisions / conversations in the game also come with a timer, lol. DAMN IT, I wanna think about this shit for a minute! Makes it feel a bit more organic and less power-gaming oriented, which I'm fine with. So far I'm just kind of playing through and not worrying too much about the ultimate impact of my decisions.

But yeah, lots of sex, boobies and swearing. Limitless even. The S'executioner would be proud.