Thursday, November 20, 2014

o-rugs: I've been thinking about finally getting around to Witcher 2. I've started a few times but never got too far into act I. How far along are you? I understand that one of the acts (the second, I think?) is COMPLETELY different based on choices you make in the preceding one. Like, totally different setting, quests, everything. You have to admire these guys crazy attention to this weird setting.

I played a bunch of Witcher I and it was pretty good too, although I stalled out in this stupid swamp section that apparently everybody stalls out in, which if you get past it the rest of the game is awesome. Definitely clunkier than W2, but might be worth going back to. And part III is coming out soon and looks like a sort of insane open world game. So Witcher 2 crossed with Skyrim as it were. Worth keeping an eye on!

I've been playing Guacamelee, which is a goofy, Mexican Wrestling themed Metroidvania game I've had sitting unplayed for a while. It's pretty cool, has GREAT controls and I totally recommend picking it up whenever it goes on sale for cheapzor, which I believe it does pretty often.

Mordheim always made me sad because it was so broken. I'll keep an eye on the vidya game, though.